Our History

Radio-signal dog fences have been available since 1973 when Richard Peck invented and patented an electronic pet containment system using an AM radio signal broadcast through a wire in the ground. The signal is transmitted to a receiver worn on the pet’s collar. He called his invention an “invisible fence.” He trademarked the name and started the Invisible Fence® Brand*.

In 1990, DogWatch® entered the industry to offer consumers an alternative to the Invisible Fence Brand. DogWatch developed and patented an FM version of the system to provide a safer containment system. The FM signal is less prone to interference from other sources, and thus safer for your pet. DogWatch has perfected the FM technology and is now in its fourth generation of containment products.

Since then, many companies have come and gone. The electronic pet fence industry grew from two manufacturers in 1990, the Invisible Fence Brand and DogWatch, to thirteen manufacturers in 1993. Much of this growth came from companies that offered do-it-yourself products. Most of these vendors are no longer in business.

In 2006, the Invisible Fence Brand was sold to PetSafe®, a division of Radio Systems Corporation. DogWatch remains one of the only independent privately held companies in the industry. Our sole mission is to provide pet containment and training products that keep your pet safe and that are safe for your pet. DogWatch is not part of a larger profit driven corporation with multiple interests; we know that key to our success is keeping the focus on product quality and customer satisfaction. DogWatch is a proven leader with a solid track record and over 20 years experience. You can count on us to be around to support you now and in the future!

DogWatch offers professionally installed products and state-of-the-art equipment. We make sure your system is installed properly and that your dog is trained. Our goal is your dog’s safety and your satisfaction.

*Because “invisible fence” is a registered trademark of The Invisible Fence® Brand, other pet containment products cannot be called “invisible fences.” That is why DogWatch products are referred to as Hidden Fences.